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Just like the names of products and companies, animals' names can affect how we feel about them...and changing the name of a species might actually help us save it.

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Credits (and Twitter handles):
Script Writer, Video Director & Narrator: Kate Yoshida (@KateYoshida)
Video Illustrator: Arcadi Garcia
With Contributions From: Henry Reich, Alex Reich, Ever Salazar, Peter Reich, David Goldenberg
Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder: http://www.soundcloud.com/drschroeder

Image Credits: Hong Kong's Golden Beach Dolphin Plaza by Wikimedia user WiNg

African Wild Dog by Mathias Appel

Family Dog by Richard Elzey

Sloth by Régis Leroy

Racoon Just Checking the Trash by Julie Corsi

Scorpion by Steve Slater

Snake by Photo by Jessica Bolser/USFWS



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